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Born in Plains, Montana (Pop.: 1,046) – Jonathan Winn is an award-winning Art Director based in New York City.

We're all about the story

Without a narrative, it’s not design. It’s decoration. Pretty pictures and clever typography don’t engage an audience — it’s the synthesis of these and other elements into something experiential, meaningful and memorable (in other words, a story) that capture the imagination. Stories are the currency of communication, and they form the backbone of our process. At Winn City Studios, we:

  • Listen to your story
  • Help you articulate your goals
  • Help you choose the right media
  • Execute thoughtful, engaging narrative communication

Sometimes, the media chooses you

Often during a collaboration we discover a new, unexpected vehicle for the narrative we’re developing. This is the simple alchemy of storytelling. As the communication takes shape, the media required to support it manifests itself. A narrative approach allows you the freedom and flexibility to:

  • Choose media components by their individual strengths
  • Add dimension to your communication
  • Create a synergy among the pieces to optimize your narrative

We don't just ride off into the sunset

Browse our portfolio for examples of how we tell the right story for our clients. A couple of galleries, which show our larger multi-component projects, are also available for your perusal. We take great satisfaction in seeing a story through from beginning to end, and we make ourselves available to you at every step in between. It’s our little way of leaving room for a sequel.

So, what's with the western getup?

Winn City Studios was founded by the great-great grandson of pioneers, born and raised in western Montana. In 2006, he loaded his (Subaru) wagon and headed east to New York, where he sought opportunity and a better life through a career in design. But it appears you can’t take the Montana out of the boy. From Lewis and Clark to the copper kings to the return of the wolf in Yellowstone, western history is an inexhaustible inspiration.


Winn City Welcomes You

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